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Creating A Conducive Environment for Learning

Every student success is dependent on an accommodating, secure, challenging and academically robust learning environment. Teachers and school administrators should recognize the value of creating a positive environmental atmosphere. A learning environment refers to a physical or non physical conducive space where effective knowledge or information is passed across from one person to the other

Learning goes beyond merely absorption of a subject matter by a student; students need an enriching and flexible learning environment to actualize their potentials to the fullest.
Teachers should therefore understand that the learning environment is a major factor which dictates a student’s academic response, involvement in class activities, moral development, social relationship, character building and ultimately their overall academic performance. Research has also indicated that a positive learning environment enhances a teacher’s cognitive, emotional and behavioral pattern.

Every student must have a sense of belonging within the classroom which is usually a support system to helping the students achieve a faster learning pace. A couple of factors to be considered in developing a suitable learning environment are:
1. Classroom management and structure:
2. Discipline methods and routines: Establishes good discipline, effective routines, smooth transitions, and ownership of the environment as components of establishing a supportive and collaborative climate.
3. Organization of learning activities: Teachers should ensure that classroom activities have an academic focus by ensuring smooth communication of the academic curriculum.
4. Engaging students in individual class projects, discussions and interactions and team assignments: The interaction between teacher and students is another significant indicator of learning environment. Teachers should adopt the use of authentic conversation to learn about students and encourage students to engage their peer’s ideas. Teachers who make the effort to engage in positive interactions with students make a difference in the academic and social development of their students.
5. Enhancing a positive and friendly atmosphere between teachers and students: Effective teachers build a classroom climate where error is welcomed and not harshly rejected, student questioning is high and adequate response is given, and students can gain reputations as effective learners.

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  1. Danladi Muhammad Tauhid

    This short article is educative and encouraging. I’ve been a teacher since1978

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