About Teachers.ng

Teachers.Ng provides digital skills, resources and training for teachers in public schools in Nigeria, especially for those in underserved communities. Teachers are linked up with educators and researchers in developed countries in collaborative STEM projects for primary and secondary schools.

Driven by WSIS action lines and the  SDGs; over 6,000 teachers have been directly imparted, reaching more than 320,000 underprivileged  and marginalized children and youths with girls comprising over 55% of beneficiaries, since inception.

It employs low-cost teaching resources such as open source softwares and use of discarded computers to educate children in slums, rural and remote communities. Re-use of old computers for hardware classes greatly reduces e-wastes, saving carbon emission and energy. With entrepreneurship, digital storytelling,coding, critical life skills and computational thinking also comprising integral components of this project; young people are prepared for sustainable livelihoods, innovation and are empowered to use their voices(especially girls) for positive impacts.  

With about 10.5 million Nigerian children aged 5-14 years out of school, this project, approved by states ministries of education immensely complements the government’s efforts to provide quality, inclusive and accessible education for children and youths in the country